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Dani Moz talks moving on to the Top 12

Dani Moz, real name Danielle Mozeleski, is moving on to the live round of "The Voice." The Bethlehem Central graduate came home last week to visit with family and stop by local schools before making it to the Top 12. Her latest segment aired on Monday, April 14.

Q: When was the last episode filmed?

A: It was filmed a few weeks ago.

Q: Who was able to be there with you for that taping?

A: My mom and my brother were with me. Also my stepdad and boyfriend were in the audience, but there didn't get on camera.

Q: What happens now that you've moved on to the live shows?

A: Everything is in real time. We are sequestered in a hotel by the studio, and each Monday, the live shows air. Then, two people go home every week until the finale.

Q: Since you've made it to the Top 12, does this mean you will go on tour like the "American Idol" finalists do?

A: From the promos, I believe the top three from the season will go on tour. Another wild card from the fan favorites may also get picked and so will some contestants from prior seasons. It's like a collaboration of all the seasons.

Note: This is the first year contestants from "The Voice" have gone on tour.

Q: What made you pick Lady Gaga's “Edge of Glory” as your song choice?

A: "Edge of Glory" was never a song on my radar, even though I have been covering Lady Gaga and other artists for years. The first time I saw the song was in preparation for Battle Round Two because that was one of the song options we received on our song card. I was strategizing because I knew it was an epic song for a solo artist, and I was glad that song was picked for us. I grabbed it for the next round and really wanted to make it my own. So I really have Shakira to thank because she put that on the list.

Q: Was that the first time you played the piano on the show?

A: Yes, it was the first time I played the piano. I did it for all the callbacks so the producers knew I would be bugging out to play the piano eventually if I made it through. I was happy to finally get to do it on stage.

Q: What was it like stepping on stage for that round? There most have been a lot of pressure. A: It was nerve wracking, but I also felt the most prepared for that moment. Adding the piano element helped me to prepare that much more. Because it was an extra performance element, you want to make sure you perfect both. It helped bring a calm about me. So, there was pressure because that's your ticket to the live show, but I was very confident in the arrangement and my choice. I was able to be a bit emotional and let go. I was also proud to make (the song) my own and make it stand out. And I think I said this when I was making my plea to Shakira, if it didn't get cut, that I was just thankful for the opportunity and that I got so far.

Q: Moving forward, what do you think to need to focus on?

A: I think now consistency is important. There's no room for error. America is your judge, and your fate is in their hands. I have to deliver near perfect performances as much as possible.

Q: Anything to say to those watching at home as you move on?

A: Spending time at home last week helped me realize how grateful I am being in this position, and how much of an influence you are over these young people. You have these kids coming up to you, saying you're an inspiration. Last week reaffirmed how important it is staying true to myself and consistently being me. Especially now more than ever, I need everyone's support. I was so happy to connect with everyone, and I hope it was as meaningful to them as it was to me. I'm just thankful for their support and need it now more than ever.


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