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Enhanced 911 services offered

Schenectady County residents can now sign up through a private company for enhanced 911 services, which will supply emergency personnel with additional information when placing such a call.

The company 911ai.com provides the service and allows people to create an account to input what information is desired to be shared with emergency personnel. Anyone can create an account with up to five phone numbers and two notifications sent for free, according to its website. Beyond those figures a user would start to incur charges to their account. Currently servies are available for all wireless calls answered in Schenectady County, but service for wired and VoIP calls are only available when received by Schenectady, Glenville and Niskayuna Police Departments.

The blurb provided by its website on service availability in Schenectady County:

Services are available for all Wireless (Cell phone) calls that are answered in Schenectady County, Non-Wireless (Wire line and VoIP) calls that are answered by the City of Schenectady, the Glenville Police Department, or the Niskayuna Police Department are available for FREE 911 with addition information ( 911ai.com). Currently there is no additional information capability for 911 calls answered by the Rotterdam Police Department or other locations in Schenectady County not list above. Call your county emergency services office for more information, and ask when 911ai.com will be available in your area.your area.

Also, here is a statement released by Lt. Richard Conley of the Glenville Police Department about the availability of the service:

Thanks to the City of Schenectady, all residents of Glenville are eligible for this new enhanced 911 service from 911ai.com. The enhanced service is 911ai, the ai stands for additional information. (...) 911ai.com is a private company that offers a service that will add additional information to the 911 information that appears on the screen in dispatch when you call 911. The city has paid for this service and any it is free of charge for the public. You can add information which includes but is not limited to: person with health issues, pets, number and location of family members in the house, more detailed information on your house, etc.

Here is a link to a flyer with additional information on the service: http://www.townofglenville.org/Public_Documents/GlenvilleNY_BBoard/0335534B-000F8513.0/Schenectady%2520City-NY%2520911ai-1.pdf


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