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Section II football playoff predictions: Semifinal round

I got 11 of my 12 predictions correct in last weekend's Sectional football quarterfinal action in classes AA, A and B. Now, let's see how I do with predicting this weekend's semifinal contests in those divisions.

Section II football quarterfinals: A look back

I did well with my Section II football quarterfinal predictions. I only got one game completely wrong, as you will see with this recap:

Section II football playoff predictions: Quarterfinal round

I haven't seen every Section II football team play this year, but that won't prevent me from making some predictions for this weekend's quarterfinal round in Class AA, A and B.

It all comes down to this

One week to go in Section II football. Time to start looking at the playoff picture.

Baseball playoffs no longer hold our interest

When you look at the four remaining teams in the Major League Baseball playoffs, are you happy? Are you sad? Do you even care?

From the Sports Desk: Hockey season is here

It’s hockey season in the Capital District. And we haven’t even had our first hard freeze of the season (just a LOT of rain).