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Follow me (please)

I've been patient about building a Twitter following for a few months now, but my patience is now wearing thin.

To paraphrase that annoying J.G. Wentworth ad, "I need followers, and I need them now!"

I'm currently at 48 followers. Of those, six of them are co-workers. I don't mind having co-workers following me. In fact, it comes in handy because they can re-Tweet my Tweets to all of their followers. But it would be nice if some of the people following my co-workers would follow me, too. Then, they can get my Tweets directly.

Some of my followers work for other media sources. One of them happens to be former Penn State football star and Washington Redskin LaVar Arrington, who has his own radio show in D.C. and a blog. That's pretty cool, but I also happen to be following about three dozen NHL players. None of them have decided to follow me, and I sincerely doubt they ever will. So as far as pro players of note following me, only Arrington qualifies.

Occasionally, I'll get a follower who's background seems ... well, a little suspect. As in if I click on that person's link, I'll probably get a computer virus or spam -- or both. Usually, those followers go away within a couple of days when I don't follow them in return.

So, here's the deal: Since I'm one of the first Spotlighters to establish a blog on our new site, I'm going to take advantage of this distinction by begging you -- a visitor of this site -- to please follow me on Twitter (@jonas_spotlight). I'll even put sugar on top of my request, if it gets you to follow me.

I vow to make it worth your while by Tweeting from every sporting event I'm at, whether it's a football game, a volleyball match, a cross country meet or a tennis match. You'll know what's going on almost as soon as it happens. (Disclaimer: Tweets may take up to a minute to craft and send.)

I'll also let you know what sporting events I plan on attending. That way, you can look for me and say hi, tell me what you think of the sports section and offer me a story suggestion if you have one. All I ask is that you don't preface any comments with words such as "you idiot" or "moron." Even if you think I deserve it, it won't make me want to respond to you.

The final advantage to following me on Twitter is getting links to my sports stories here on our new site as soon as they are published. With some help from area coaches and collegiate athletic directors, I plan on having fresh sports stories Mondays through Saturdays (Sundays are reserved for rest).

So if you want to read about what's going on before it goes in print, just follow me on Twitter. And while you're at it, tell everyone you know to do so, too. I want to hit triple digits on my follower count before Thanksgiving.

Oh, one more thing. Now that I've got this blog up and running, you can expect a weekly entry on Friday afternoons. I promise every entry won't be a plea for more Twitter followers, either.


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