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Entries for December, 2011


Chain Meal………..The Olive Garden, Colonie, NY

Hey there, I’m starting off by telling you that I had a fab time with my people. It was a gathering of women and we haven’t seen it other in a loooong time, so it was fun to sit around and catch up. The restaurant was chosen by one of ...

A Room with a Surly view……..Country View Diner, Brunswick, NY

After running errands up Hoosick Street, we finally stopped to eat lunch. Country View Diner was close to our former destination, so it made the cut. The diner is familiar yet different….the front door is on the side of the building. We entered and got seated right away. We got ...

Take Out…..The Franklin Hotel, Rome NY

Hello All, One way to jump-start your body out of the Turkey coma is to order take out. We decided to order from Vescio’s Franklin Hotel. It took about 35 minutes to pick up our order and just like the song, Anticipation—it was worth the wait…. Located on 301 South ...