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A Room with a Surly view……..Country View Diner, Brunswick, NY

After running errands up Hoosick Street, we finally stopped to eat lunch. Country View Diner was close to our former destination, so it made the cut. The diner is familiar yet different….the front door is on the side of the building. We entered and got seated right away.

We got the oversized menu with tons of familiar items and it was kind of shocking that I didn’t know what I wanted. SO (significant other) knew what he wanted menu wise and what he didn’t want—a surly waitress. I thought she was totally hilarious. She poked and prodded him while he ordered and various times with his coffee refill…he was not amused.

SO ordered a Monte Cristo, which was enormous and matched the price. I had a chicken salad club with American cheese and French fries. The sandwich has shredded lightly seasoned chicken, the right amount of mayo and BACON, lettuce and tomato. The wheat bread was toasted and held up well. The French fries were soggy and unappealing but I did eat a few. Despite being in a Comedy Central sketch, SO did like his meal. I did get to taste the Challah French toast part of the Monte Cristo and I should have ordered French Toast to go-- which I didn’t (duh). I’ll go back for the French toast minus SO.


Make the fork be with you…T2


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