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Chain Meal………..The Olive Garden, Colonie, NY

Hey there,

I’m starting off by telling you that I had a fab time with my people. It was a gathering of women and we haven’t seen it other in a loooong time, so it was fun to sit around and catch up. The restaurant was chosen by one of the women in the group, so I did what I was told and hoped for the best.

We were seated pretty quickly and sat at a four top table. Our waitress was young, efficient and somewhat intrusive—in the midst of a sentence and asks for drink orders, pushes their wine etc. I know I sound testy, but we were having a reunion…. Everyone was driving, so no alcoholic beverages on the table. Water for everyone and I had an unsweetened ice tea. FYI, they have pink fancy tubes for their sweeteners instead of rectangular packets. Anyway, we finally ordered, I had eggplant parmigiana, BFF 1 has Stuffed Chicken Marsala, BFF 2 had Chicken flatbread pizza, BFF 3 had chicken & broccoli alfredo (I think) I don’t recall because she’s like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, when she is ordering food, high maintenance and hilarious. I was too busy laughing and didn’t listen to her order.
We had a giant bucket of salad, which was not visually appealing, but tasted okay. A couple of orders of breadsticks made it on the table and I did not enjoy them too much. They were lukewarm, it look like they were spritzed with spray butter and dragged through garlic salt. I ate a couple, but bread usually doesn’t stand a chance on a table within my reach, so that was a downer. I don’t know if the food took awhile or was delivered on time, because we were engrossed in conversation. BFF 1 & BFF 3 received their meals first. I received mine about 3-5 minutes after that. BFF 2 flatbread arrived 2 minutes after mine and it was sans chicken. So they took about 15 minutes to redo her meal. The chicken flatbread finally showed up con pollo! Everyone finally got to eat together and it all worked out. Just don’t let the tv commercials fool ya, you are getting your meals with the corporate hand of love… chain chain chain……


Make the fork be with you....T2


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