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24 hour Eats in Watervliet…Bob’s Diner

Hello All,

As you probably know there are not a lot of 24 hour diners/diner-raunts (restaurant & diner) or regular 24 hour diners in Albany County. But ask people who work 2nd or 3rd shift, people who get sloshed on adult beverages or check with the cool kids and they are going to say Bob’s Diner. You can fill your belly with breakfast, lunch or dinner whenever you want. Seriously, who doesn’t like eggs at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon or 3am Monday morning The interior design is vintage. You can sit at the counter or in a booth, get your brain in motion with the place mat and check out a menu that has familiar items, as well as some specials.

I needed a quick meal, no fuss. So I had two of my favorites: Tuna melt on whole wheat and an appetizer of mac & cheese arrowheads. They are called bites in the menu, but that’s what they look like to me.I imagine some state fair cook-testant dreamed up putting macaroni & cheese in some batter and deep-frying it in hot oil. Standing ovation to them! These cheesy arrowheads are glistening and throwing off some heat. You have to wait a few minutes to eat them; unless you like to burn the roof of your mouth. I started to chow down on the bites, but them my sandwich showed up. Toasted with warm tuna and melted American bursting out the sides and down my hands. It was sooo good, I almost forgot about the mac & cheese…. Lololol….I finished them after the sandwich. Got the bill, left a tip, paid at the counter and away I went in under an hour.

I might have a try a 3AM tuna melt…….


Make the fork be with you.....T2


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