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Petrol & Pancakes……Portside American Diner at Port of Albany

Port of Albany--home to cheap gas and good eats at Plaza 23 Truckstop…. Recently named Portside American Diner. The address is 240 Church Street (for your GPS)The interior is vintage 1970’s and casual. Duh, It’s a truck stop! The tables have a more inviting seating configuration, the waitresses are new and veterans of the restaurant biz, but the food still fills the bill.

We went for breakfast and the specials are on a whiteboard/easel display in the front on the room. SO (significant other) ordered the breakfast special: 2 eggs, bacon, 3 pancakes and coffee for $6.99. I ordered three (3) blueberry pancakes, bacon and cranberry juice, which was around $8.00.

I was like a heart surgeon, deftly and skillfully wolfing down my food. With those big portions-- thankfully, I was wearing my stretchy pants. SO was so full, he didn’t eat the pancakes, so we got a takeout box for the ride home. It might sound ghetto, but you take out everything else, why not?

Plus those leftover pancakes made Sunday breakfast, sooooo much better than a bowl of cereal!

The owner stopped by everyone's table and said hello and asked how everything was and I couldn't respond 'cause I was in the middle of chewing.....

Fill your gullet and your gas tank……. http://www.plaza23truckstop.com/portside_diner.html https://www.facebook.com/pages/Portside-American-Diner/186036574770329

Make the fork be with you….T2


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