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Bounty in the Basement ….Bacchus Wood Fired, Troy, NY


I know what you’re thinkin….really, really….a restaurant in the basement and it's gooooood?!

Bacchus is like finding treasure below sea level. Located on 33 Second Street and across from Troy Savings Bank Music Hall; it’s an oasis of good eats, craft beer, wine and fun peeps. Let’s start with the food. It’s a small menu that packed with selections such as garden salad and appetizers. BFF loves build your own pizza, create your own pasta dish is my fave. Bacchus also has a weekly lunch buffet and Tuesday night Trivia. We tried Trivia night and it was fun... except we started out strong and then started to suck big time….

We split spaghetti and meatballs. Not too creative I know, but I can't think when I'm starvin'. A square plate of hearty pasta with textured not sweet marinara sauce. My intake was less than I thought necessary to stop the hunger yell, so I needed a take out box. Big shout out to the staff, they remember what I like and laugh when I tell them my latest adventure…. Their craft beer selections keep beer connoisseur’s smiling and newbies willing to give them a try. The wine list has dry and sweet selections from familiar and new wineries.

As I was feasting on the dish at lunch the next day, I was planning for my next meal….. And I’ve been back to fill my belly for a few weeks in a row.


Make the fork be with you….T2


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