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Destination Vermont….. Four Columns Inn, Newfane

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The significant other aka (SO), best friends forever aka (BFF’s) and conversed about a vacation destination; close, quick and with Magellan in mind—a new territory to explore; Vermont made the cut.

I know what you’re thinking, everyone has been to Vermont. Yes, most of the Capital District has been to Bennington, Manchester or Killington (show of hands or nod in agreement), but have you been to Newfane or Townshend, Vermont? How about Quechee, Woodstock and the towns in between…. umm, probably not too many—which is okay. I’ll be your Grimm sister…. With dinner reservations for 5pm, we started on our excellent adventure….

Well, Newfane puts the “Q” in quaint Vermont town and is home to the Four Columns Inn. With all the rain, some of the trees in New York and Vermont are threadbare. Those trees still loaded with leaves are just starting to change… that distinctive fall palette of gold, red and orange is gaining strength.
I’m going to skip the lotto winnings, road closings, washouts, detours etc. Those things are relevant, but hey it is all about the food….

Four Columns Inn is visually stunning and the dining room ambience was superior. A large stone fireplace was the focal point of the room and massaged the warmth into your smile. Tables are expertly placed for the public yet cosy fine dining experience.

Within a few short minutes after being seated and receiving menus, an appetizer was delivered; a tiny tower with a cucumber foundation, waffled potato wedge, horseradish and shrimp with red pepper and parsley garnish. It was the key to awaken your palette and focus on the listed culinary details. We enjoyed adult beverages and final selections were made and delivered by a duo of dynamic and personable wait staff. Here’s the list of what everyone ordered: BFF 1: Beet Salad special, Salmon special with broccoli, green beans and black rice BFF 2: Oysters, Black bean bisque, Rabbit special SO: Angus strip steak with Roquefort sauce, potatoes, green beans and broccoli

Limited chatter event at the table with the BFF’s and SO--positive vibes from their evening feasts.

ME: Arugula & endive salad with goat cheese, toasted pecans, passion fruit vinegar and Tuscan olive oil, black bean bisque and Atlantic swordfish with sauce, carrots, green beans with lobster, black rice and broccoli.

The salad was a taste rainbow; sweet and sour, tart and crunchy. The black bean bisque was AMAZING! It was pureed, strained and smooth without out sacrificing the texture and heartiness of the beans. The dollop of sour cream was welcomed, but almost unnecessary. I hope to dream about that soup tonight…
The entrée was excellent. The swordfish was hot and tender with this sauce. I can’t place what was in the sauce and should have asked. The lobster was sweet and the veggies were thinly sliced and flavorful. No one else had a chance to sample anything on my plate, ‘cause I ate it like it was a prisoner’s last meal. Alas, no dessert, so we will have to go back and try some out.

Take your people out to the Four Columns Inn and bask in your culinary kudos and count up those brownie points! http://www.fourcolumnsinn.com/dining/

Make the fork be with you….T2

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squid 3 years, 2 months ago

I hope to dream about that soup tonight…

hee hee, savory dreams


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