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Overnight, Hooray! Olde Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast, Townshend, VT

Hey there,

Part 1 & 2 of our excellent adventures in Vermont, actually started at the Olde Farmhouse. This stay was my first at a bed & breakfast and kudos all around. You have to love a place who has chocolate candy sitting by the front door

Ken and Christine Cathcart are the proprietors of this warm and lovely inn. The Cathcarts’ are very engaging and accommodating. We arrived, conducted room selection and sat by the wood stove and had a delightful conversation about Townshend, its history and our breakfast menu, before our dinner in Newfane.

We stayed on the second floor in large room with a traditional queen size bed with adjoining midsized bathroom and walk in closet. Signature pieces including needlepoint, wing backed chairs and writing desk contribute to the 18th century interior design.

At 8:30am, our substantial breakfast was served in the dining area and started with pumpkin and lemon bread(in my head equals morning cake…yummy).Both were hearty slices and awakened the taste buds nicely. Lots of orange juice, regular and decaf coffee was available and flowing. A soft-boiled egg was cooked to perfection for one BFF. The discs of love (pancakes) arrived hot, tan and ready for butter and Vermont maple syrup. The thick cut BACON was scrumptious. Local apple stuffed French toast was piled high and favored by the BFF’s and SO. Extra apple filling was available and surfed atop my second (or fourth) pancake for about a minute and a half (I had to wait for the butter and syrup). So with full bellies, we checked out the Curiosity Shoppe, finished packing and said our last good-byes and well wishes to Ken and Christine.

We will be back…… http://www.oldefarmhouse.net/

Make the fork be with you….T2


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