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Pit Stops, Shout outs and Mountain Creamery, Woodstock, VT

We rolled our full bellies into the car and went north on Route 35. We had a map, (paper GPS for the children in the audience) and had a lively conversation about our next destination. We traveled along Route 35 through Grafton to Chester. Route 35 to Route 103 to Route 106 is filled with hamlets, villages and towns, which we envisioned housed hearty folk who have lives who are similar and different to ours; but we gave them all the praise and shout out for dealing with Irene’s fury, the chores of life and taking the daily detours in stride. Another shout out to all the construction crews who have superhuman tasks to do and show up to get it DONE!

Due to the wrath of Irene, we hit more detours heading to Quechee and Woodstock. So we appreciate and give more shout outs toward the monumental efforts of our Vermont brethren after seeing the video of the storm and its aftermath at Simon Pearce in Quechee. Simon Pearce is a glass blower from Ireland who creates beautiful glassware, stemware, pottery and other items for the home. In a restored woolen mill, there is a glass blowing and pottery making facility, with a restaurant and retail space adjacent to the Ottauquechee River. Throughout the retail environment were poster size photos of the damage from Tropical Storm Irene. An eyewitness video was on a continuous loop with angry treacherous water hurling debris over the falls and on land. Our visit viewed results of resilient staff, friends and family of Simon Pearce, who unearthed, cleaned and opened the retail space and restaurant 20 Days after Irene left the building.

Counting our blessings and one last hit of the hunger snooze button, we headed to Woodstock. The hunger alarm was kind of false. Not in the mood for a big meal, just a little sumthin, sumthin. We walked in and out of shops, covered bridge, town square and nothing was appealing…except ice cream. We ended up at Mountain Creamery. Yeah, you could get ice cream other places… but people were not standing in line to get into their restaurant. Mountain Creamery is fantabulous. You feel like you have the golden ticket with the prizes in the basement at their takeout counter. As we waited in line, we saw their Mile High Apple Pie. It’s a Himalayas golden pie crust with apple goodness at its core. It looked so luscious, that I almost didn’t order ice cream…But I did-- Mint Oreo, BFF’s had Pumpkin Spice and the consensus was A-may-Zing! It was homemade! It was heavy and chewy…no excess air, but plenty of cream, churn and tons of love. Plus, homemade waffle cones that were divine. We waddle back to the car and headed East toward New York.

We experienced a few more detours on our way to Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater Corners. We thought about eating, but ended taking their self guided beer tour, using their restroom facility and getting a sampler platter of beverages (passengers only). Long Trail had been underwater, but you can’t keep Vermonters down. Our waiter was cool and the beer was good to the last drop. We headed North East on Route 4 towards Rutland and the state of New York. Our Vermont expedition was at times shocking with breath-taking moments and tons of fun.

http://www.graftonvermont.org/ http://chester.govoffice.com/ http://www.simonpearce.com/ http://www.longtrail.com/ http://www.mountaincreameryvt.com/

Make the fork be with you….T2


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