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Shout out.....Finch and Chubb Restaurant, Whitehall, NY

As you can imagine, the discussion turned to food during the ride through Rutland. Where are going to chow down? Choices were chain restaurants or a random local establishment in downtown Rutland? The consensus was, if we eat in New York, then we are closer to home. Oh yeah and one of the bff’s had a recommendation for a restaurant in Whitehall.

I know what you’re thinking….Whitehall--it sounds kind of familiar… Here are some clues: Washington County, Route 4 or Route 22 going North from Albany, Lake George outlets, Comstock Prison…. Lake Champlain!

People, come on… It’s the birthplace of the U.S. Navy! We ate at the Finch and Chubb Restaurant. Located on the Lock 12 Marina on the southern end of Lake Champlain, the Finch & Chubb has trove of culinary treasures for boaters and land lubbers. This former industrial building is large and houses three (3) businesses, the restaurant, Black Pearl Tavern and Waterside Hotel. It may not look like much on the outside, but the goodness is in the inside…..

Our waitress was young, earnest and capable. She was kind of swamped with tables, but when you bring warm bread baskets (uh, yeah—plural) and butter… waiting is NEVER a problem. We weren’t sitting next to the windows, but you could appreciate proximity to the lakeside view from the middle of the room. There were a few specials, so we listened and the following selections were made:

BFF 1: Chicken Marsala, rice, garden salad with Creamy Italian dressing

BFF2: Onion soup au gratin, Shrimp Scampi, Garden salad with Creamy Bleu Cheese dressing

SO: Chicken Florentine over linguini, Garden salad with Creamy Bleu Cheese

ME: Grilled Chicken and walnuts in a light cream sauce over linguini, garden salad?

We were closer to ravenous than one should really be during a trip, so the talking didn’t start until most of the entrée was inhaled. The onion soup was not French, but it was loaded with cheese and onions and received a positive response from BFF 2. The salads were adequate, but the dressings were very good. I truly can’t remember eating the salad… (cause of the bread). Entrees were said to filling and very good. My dish had some of my faves: cream sauce, pasta, grilled chicken and not peanuts, but Walnuts! It was sooooo tasty, that I made sure I had a doggie bag, so I could have it for lunch the next day. I must say it was a champion breakfast! Cabernet and water were beverages of choice for the evening.

Some say it’s The Finch & Chubb, other places say The Finch and Chubb. I say, eat up and enjoy the view! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Finch-Chubb-Restaurant/145990192102752


Make the fork be with you....T2

With sadness, I have just learned that the Finch & Chubb has ceased to operate their business after 26 years. Thanks to the Faville's for a great night of food. http://poststar.com/news/local/with-a-marina-closing-whitehall-debates-free-harbor-services/article_eff98288-fc2c-11e0-a972-001cc4c002e0.html


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