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Howl to the Road…. Wolf’s 1-11, Colonie, NY

Hello People,

It’s Restaurant week in Colonie! We went to the centrally located Wolf’s 1-11 to chat and chew. SO made reservations for 8pm and off we went to rendezvous with the BFF’s. (Alas, only one BFF could make dinner… you were missed.) We were early, so the SO took a jaunt around the restaurant and I sat down. You walk through the front doors (which is really a side entrance on the driveway… just sayin’) to the hostess stand. There are benches to sit and wait to seated. The dining room is on the right. The bar is on the left, the restrooms are on the left and the arcade is in the back. There was a band too.This joint was jumpin’.

Seriously, I totally forgot it was restaurant week, until I saw the prix fixe three (3) course menu. Our waitress was nice and working hard to make sure our dining experience was good. We were busy talking and not menu shopping, but she smiled through our selection process. The orders were:

BFF: Caesar salad, Braised boneless short ribs and crème brulee/pumpkin cheesecake (restaurant week menu) decaf coffee

SO: Caesar salad, sirloin sandwich with baked potato, crème brulee/pumpkin cheesecake Cabernet Sauvignon (house choice), decaf coffee

ME: Crab cakes with rémoulade sauce on greens with red peppers, Pilgrim Panini with sweet potato fries and cranberry mayo, unsweetened ice tea

The salads looked good and I gathered from the empty entrée dishes….good eats—“pretty darn tasty” from BFF. Two big crab cakes were idling on a bed of lettuce with red peppers. They didn’t have as much rémoulade sauce as I would have liked, but did I ask for more (uh, no), I kept on chewin’. The Pilgrim Panini was sizable and appetizing, but I only ate half and brought the other half home. Why, ‘cause the sweet potato fries were DA BOMB, for these two reasons: 1. Sweet potatoes mean Thanksgiving which is one of my fave holidays. 2. I dipped the SwPF’s in the cranberry mayo. Seriously, most places don’t have sweet potato fries as a menu option and it’s probably ‘cause of the need for a dipping sauce. I love ketchup and SwFP’s, but not together. I did ask for more cranberry mayo and kept on dunking and snackin’ until they were done. I didn’t have dessert…. but BFF and SO enjoyed the pumpkin cheesecake, although I think they chatted more about crème brulee.

Full moon or not, have a good time at Wolf’s 1-11…. http://www.wolfs111.com/

Make the fork be with you….T2


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