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Prettier and yummy… Colonie Diner, Colonie, NY

Colonie Diner is RENOVATING and they are open for business. You are not going to miss the robin’s egg blue interior design…or was it aqua…..

BFF and I sat down in a fancy new booth and decided to get our favorite, chicken salad melt. It’s not a typo… I don’t remember where or when I first had it, but Colonie Diner is one of the few places that I know serves it. BFF ordered the chicken salad on white and mirrored everything else.

The chicken salad is chunky, seasoned and doesn’t have a ton of mayo. I had American cheese on whole wheat. It was warm, bubbly and soooo good! The platter comes with French fries and a pickle. An unsweetened ice tea rounded out a delectable meal. I ordered a takeout special of Beef Sirloin tips with rice and a salad for SO. It traveled nicely and it was still warm after a 20 minute ride. The seasoned beef was well cooked and tender; the rice was fluffy and absorbed the beef flavors nicely. The salad was a garden variety with red onions, tomatoes and crisp romaine lettuce. Also ordered was an open-faced grilled cheese sandwich, French fries and a pickle…. which didn’t make the trip home!


I just remembered where I had my first introduction to a chicken salad melt and here’s your 1st hint: Oh, little town of Bethlehem……

Make the fork be with you…..T2


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