Tasty Trails..... Your pathway to good eats!

Food, food everywhere.....So where can I go to eat?

Hey People,

It's 11:45pm and I'm thinking about food. I could go make a sandwich, but instead I'm starting this new blog. I travel around the Capital District everyday and on the weekends; I leave the shadow of Empire State Plaza and find somewhere to eat. Sometimes the destination is clear and the food spot is not. Sometimes the restaurant is the destination and the town, flea market, expo or street vibe is a bonus.

I won't be using the standard ratings systems like (*), ($), digits, toes or thumbs. I'm going to use the T's: Travel, Tone, Tradition, Taste, Time, Tip and Takeout.

Let's be real, the economy is stalling, money is tight, so you need the nitty and gritty on whether taking your people (spouses, bff's, significant others, in laws etc.) is going to get you some serious style/brownie points or get you booted off the island. I'm just sayin, this is what I like to do, so why not share.

Now it's Tuesday and I have to fend off the urge to eat that sandwich, by dreaming about breakfast.....

Make the fork be with you..... T2


mmm057 4 years ago

Dear T2..........love to hear where you are going or where you`ve been. Glad this is what you like to do. Sounds like you are pretty adventurous is the food department as I am not, but would love to hear what you are "sayin". So, just get bloggin..................I will be waiting................mmm


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