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I got kidnapped! Well… it was an encouraging invite to attend the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival. It might sound like a colon collective, but this festival was about yarn, wool and their accoutrements--fun and interesting. It’s a short story for another time.

I love Italian sausages and the food trucks that sell them, but we didn’t want to stand and eat in the heat. So we left the Festival and headed toward downtown Greenwich. Uh no, the Fiber Festival was not in Connecticut; Downtown Greenwich New York in Washington County.

Not a lot of places open to eat on a Saturday except for DISH Bistro/Restaurant. They had a sandwich board that had the nectar of the gods written on the front…Homemade Sangria.
We walked in and sat down in a stylish, cool atmosphere. Casual yet hip. DISH has a warm color palette, unassuming tables, books, games and couches. Attentive wait staff willing to break the tie on our menu musings.

My bff’s had curried chicken salad with a water chaser. I had the smoked turkey and brie Panini.

Here’s why it was perfect. Not because I was starving and slurping sangria or more homemade goodness (foccacia) was in my crosshairs; it was perfect because it was hot all the way through, no cool spots. The brie was bubblin’ and I was chewing happily with my mouth closed. Table chatter was at a minimum because the food was yummy. I chose a cute salad as a side order (uh….. the Lunch menu says cute—for real) The salad wasn’t that cute, but the dressing was good. Tender {I forgot this “T”} was completely reasonable for the amount of food, beverages and dessert which was pumpkin ___ (not tellin’ --think Mad Libs….)

DISH Bistro/Restaurant 93 Main Street Greenwich, NY http://dishbistro.wordpress.com Make the fork be with you….T2


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